Gladys Nieves

Born in New York of guayameses parents, Gladys Nieves, always had penchant for the arts plastic. That is why, despite having postgraduate studies in Psychology at the University of New York (NYU), plus study in the Art Students League in that city. It was in New York for the 1978 to 1986 where he joined New drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture, thanks to this great extensive experience and knowledge development in the plastic. Then he decides to go to Italy, (birthplace of classic) arts. There she experiment with different marbles and perfects the medium of sculpture in stone.

This season in Italy allows you to display their achievements by various Italian cities, including Germany. In the l989 returns to New York and installs his art workshop, making classroom for students, teaching carved in stone and wood, a professional level. During that time it presents exhibitions at Hostos Community College and Lincoln Center - New York. A year later, the Museo de Arte de Ponce presents a selection of his works, acquiring two of these works today are part of his collection. In 1990 formally moved to the Island of Enchantment. In 1992, with support from the Hon. Hector L. Colon Mendoza, mayor of Guayama, established the Sculpture Workshop Fine Arts Center, its main task is professor of three-dimensional techniques. Since then, hundreds of students of all ages have discovered the joy of creative achievement, so much so that some of the students our daily bread is seeking, through this opportunity, on behalf of Professor Nieves.


Aun Soy Yo

Medium: Marmol Criollo
 Size: 15" x 7" x 5"

Camino a la Victoria

Medium: Marmol detalle en bronce
Size: D 15"


Medium: Italian Marmol
Size: 48" x 17" x 11"
Year: 2004

Venus Copa de Nieve

Medium: Italian Marmol
Size: 24" x 10" x 6"